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Outcomes™ offers a range of capabilities to enrich and support a patient’s medication journey. For pharmacies, our tools help streamline existing workflows, enhance patient communication and support expanded clinical services. By integrating payer- and pharma- sponsored clinical programs into the pharmacy workflow, our technology opens up new revenue opportunities for pharmacies, while offering payer and pharma companies unprecedented access to educate and assist patients.

Integrations with most major Pharmacy Management Systems

HIPAA compliant infrastructure

Compliant with industry security best practices


The OutcomesOne™ platform is at the heart of clinical workflow for pharmacies and other pharmacy practice sites across the U.S. This advanced workflow, documentation and billing platform provides easy access to patient-specific information to resolve medication problems, deliver clinical services and educate on key healthcare topics. Through OutcomesOne™, healthcare payers and pharma brands can engage pharmacists and access useful data to understand and evaluate engagement and performance for their clinical programs.

We’re amplifying this powerful, widely used MTM platform with new applications that transform OutcomesOne™ into a full-featured, digital environment for clinical care. Check out upcoming offerings for pharmacies that provide enhanced point of care workflow, financial analytics, scheduling and more.

Insight™ clinical engine

Our clinical engine hosts thousands of proprietary clinical algorithms developed and maintained by Outcomes™ clinical pharmacists. These algorithms are leveraged to target patients for more than 600 different targeted interventions (TIPs) and more than 50 disease states identified through Rx claim proxy.

Clarity™ predictive modeling

We’re using machine learning to further refine our ability to deliver the right intervention to the right patient at the right time. By incorporating rich, diverse data sets into the model, we build a more detailed picture of factors that influence behavior and clarify which members are most likely to need intervention.

Enterprise-wide platform

Whether you have one pharmacy or a chain of thousands of locations, the OutcomesOne™ platform enables great patient care. With upcoming applications, pharmacies can access payable opportunities from more than 50 payer and pharma organizations as well identify actionable insights and interventions with their own data all in a unified clinical queue.

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mscripts™ is a comprehensive, end-to-end communication platform for pharmacies which supports patient adherence through timely reminders, adherence messages and clinical care programs. Intelligent two-way communication enables patients to manage medications from first fill to purchase and delivery.

Advanced patient engagement

By providing white-labelled intelligent messaging, embeddable and native mobile
applications, responsive web pages, integrated voice response, and more, the mscripts™ platform enables all aspects of patient engagement and interaction.

Intelligent messaging

By monitoring behavioral decisions and contacting patients at critical points in therapy, communications with the patient enhances adherence and drives clinical services. Message flows are integrated with one-time webpages to allow for a complete commerce and medication management experience without requiring an app.

E-commerce and delivery

Pharmacies have access to
a suite of outside-the-store prescription distribution options—whether same-day, next-day
or longer. Customers select their medication, choose the distribution method, check out and process payment all within the trusted pharmacy communication platform.

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Outcomes™ offers SOC 2 certified, virtual shared services technology that enables remote prescription verification and patient counseling, empowering pharmacies to optimize workflow across locations and improve patient access to pharmacy services.

Virtual Verification

Enable pharmacists to verify prescriptions through high-quality images taken by the licensed pharmacy technician, untethering the pharmacist from the manual fulfillment process and allowing them to spend more time on clinical work and revenue-generating activities. 


Enable pharmacists to remotely oversee the full scope of technician work and verify prescriptions for multiple locations. Our image-based prescription workflow standardizes the filling and verification process. Pharmacists can easily compare prescription data and capture images for accurate verification. Built-in barcode safety checks and complete audit trails on every prescription ensure patient safety.


Provide remote, HIPAA-compliant patient consultations at point of care. Patient information and prescription details are readily available alongside the video screen and consultation notes can easily be referenced on the platform.

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