Elevated patient care. Expanded sources of revenue. Improved quality measures.

Outcomes™ is a unified ecosystem for managing clinical services, connecting pharmacists to payers, pharma companies and patients to optimize efficiency and drive better patient outcomes.

A better way to work

Streamlined pharmacy solutions

Digital patient engagement

Intelligent texting

Mobile applications




Clinical care

MTM programs

Adherence outreach

Pharma campaigns

Point of care services

Total cost of care programs






Virtual verification



Financial forecasting

Patient level analytics

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Earn revenue from your clinical expertise by providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services for your eligible patients.

Connect with patients through digital communications that boost adherence through targeted, two-way messaging on a mobile and web platform tied directly to the pharmacy dispensing system.

Enable remote counseling and prescription verification, which allows smaller footprint pharmacies to operate in underserved locations, as well as multiple pharmacies within an organization to balance workload across store locations.

Focus on your patients

The Outcomes™ ecosystem brings a new level of convenience, ease of use and personalization to your patient experience.

Pharmacy programs

  • MTM opportunities
  • Pharma-sponsored programs
  • Pharmacy campaigns
  • DIR mitigation
  • Point of care services
  • Automated reminders

Intelligent engagement tactics

  • In-person
  • Text
  • App
  • Web
  • Video

OutcomesOne™ platform

Unified queue of opportunities

Workflow efficiencies

Improved quality performance

Patient benefits

  • Access to pharmacy services
  • Drug therapy problem resolution
  • Adherence support
  • Convenient digital refills
  • Payments
  • Delivery & pickup

Pharmacy benefits

Single, integrated platform

Simplify clinical workflow and work reimbursement opportunities “outside the script” through one, integrated platform – all while enhancing patient care.

New revenue

Diversify your revenue by accessing pharma and payer sponsored campaigns that engage pharmacists to educate and assist patients.

Custom campaigns

Design and launch pharmacy directed adherence interventions with the campaign builder.

Advanced patient engagement

Leverage intelligent two-way communication to reach patients at key moments in care through their preferred channel, such as text, phone calls, face-to-face, app messaging or telehealth conferences.


Boost clinical services and medication adherence by engaging patients through in-person, text, app, web and HIPAA-secure video conference.


Expand your business by providing convenient access to pharmacy service regardless of geographic location.


Consolidate clinical work into one platform.

Time-saving features

Take advantage of a rich feature set that includes automation, scheduling, shipping, online payments, vaccine sign-ups and more.


Identify, prioritize and address DIR opportunities with smart programs and reporting.

Pharmacy ROI

Outcomes™ makes good business sense for pharmacy.


Increase in PDC scores


Average additional fills per year for patients using mscripts™


Retention of patients on the mscripts™ platform


Paid to MTM providers in 2020

Clinical Services Residency and Rotation Experience

Are you graduating from pharmacy school? Put your clinical knowledge to work for the benefit of millions of people with our Clinical Services Residency. You’ll work side-by-side with a talented team to ensure our MTM services are clinically sound and meeting the needs of our health plan partners. You’ll be able to gain exposure to all parts of our business as you build other professional skills as well. To learn more about the residency, click here.

Outcomes™ offers a PharmD APPE rotation for student pharmacists who want to learn about medication therapy management (MTM) and managed care. In the 4-5 week rotation, you will gain a better understanding of various areas of our business from clinical aspects to marketing and technology. This is a great experience for PharmD candidates to explore the business side of healthcare. Please note direct provision of MTM services to patients is not part of this rotation. If you want to know more about the rotation opportunity, contact us. 

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